Gassy Dog? Learn how to quell that smell!

doggy flatulence


Dogs are renowned for having really bad smelling flatulence, and sometimes their breath isn’t a whole lot better. In spite of that, they never seem embarrassed, and still make lots of friends at the dog park.

We may laugh but if your dog has either of these problems, it’s not that funny. They’re a lot less pleasant to cuddle up to. Even worse, if your dog is flatulent, you may be blamed for the smell!

All dogs produce gas in their gastro-intestinal tract, as part of the normal digestion of food. Most of the gas that passes from the intestines doesn’t smell at all. Any bad smell is caused by hydrogen sulfide, better known as ‘rotten egg’ gas (YUCK).

Some dogs swallow large amounts of air while eating. This has to go somewhere, and unfortunately  it often comes out the other end. This isn’t usually offensive, but can be quite loud.

The foul smelling flatulence is usually due to poor digestion of certain nutrients, such as protein or fiber. When partially digested food reaches the large intestine, it ferments and releases excess gas. Some dogs also like to eat rotten food or other unsavory items, and this too adds an unpleasant odor to their wind.

Gas-Controlling Solutions

  • PORTION CONTROL.  Feed your dog several smaller meals a day, rather than one large meal. This will help to increase the digestion of nutrients, and reduce the amount of partially digested food reaching the large intestine. Less fermentation means less gas production.
  • SLOW DOWN!  Encourage your dog to eat slowly by putting an appropriate sized clean rock in his dinner bowl. He’ll have to dig around the rock for his kibble, and he won’t be able to quickly gulp his food. This will reduce the amount of air he swallows.
  • DIET. Switch to a grain-free food. Pet owners often notice an improvement in their pet’s gastrointestinal health when changing to a grain free diet. Grain-free foods are generally of a premium grade that contain higher quality ingredients.
  • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. These increase the breakdown of nutrients in the diet and help improve digestion and absorption. The result is again less fermentation. Try Dog Smog Remedy, which contains two digestive enzymes,  curtails noxious emissions from both ends of your dog. Bromelain and papain work together to help break down food to eliminate gas. Spray it in your dog’s mouth, just like a breath freshener. Peppermint and fennel will help improve your dog’s breath.

Help eliminate your dog’s gas with this two Step Solution

1. Feed your dog grain free food

2. Give your dog digestive enzymes




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  1. My doberman has the worse gas imaginable. Not only is she a fast eater she also eats other unsavory items. We have slowed hear eating with a special bowl which she had actually learned to get around. I think our next ten will be to split up her meals, which will probably not make her happy. I also did notice a very large change when we switched to Nature’s recipe dog food. We get grain free but not gluten free. So that’s another thing to think about. As far as her gas it has slowed but boy oh boy when it’s there you can’t miss it!

  2. So I’d like to give this a try! My dog likes to stick his head out the window on car rides but sometimes he barks if he sees another dog. When he barks he farts and stinks up the whole car. We call it “bark and fart”! The digestive enzymes would be something I’d like to try.


  3. My dogs get bad gas from too much plant material in their food and I think grass they eat when I’m not looking . I think trying a grain free food would really help !

  4. i have an Olde that is in training for a service dog. Her gas is horrible. I am becoming concerned that she will be asked to leave places if she passes gas. She is a very smart, well behave dog. I don’t want her tummy issues to mess up the potential she has to be a great working dog.

    1. Oh, I hope her tummy issues are better. Our Cavalier KCS has gas too, and he’s so sweet and well behaved. I hope she’s doing well.

  5. 1) My dog needs these products because he farts so bad he even leaves the room & is constant farting. 2) I’ve tried switching his food to Diamond Naturals & I got some anti-bloat bowls to hopefully curb the farts but they haven’t been working so far. It’d be nice to have something new to try because I’ve tried it all. ~He farts so bad I even dressed him up as a skunk for Halloween.

  6. My Frenchton, Ichabod Crane, swallows a lot of air when he eats, due to his short snout. His gas is so bad, we once had to pull over and evacuate the car!! I think he is allergic to grains also, so I’m searching for a good high quality grain free food. I’m really curious about using the digestive enzymes along with the grain free food to give him and his family some relief. :)

    1. Lisa: You are the winner! i will email to get your contact details

    2. Natural Balance L.I.D.(Limited Ingredients Diet). Its So Good Health Wise, My Ziggy Loves It!! No Recalls, and also not that expensive to have shipped free to you from my Ziggy has been eating it over 4yrs. Only thing I’ve switched is the flavor! 😊😊

  7. It seems my comment disappeared. My dog really could use some help on curbing his gassy side. I’ve tried switching his food to a different brand & I’ve also tried anti-bloat bowls to no avail. His farts still clear a room even he leaves. I would appreciate any help because it’s very upsetting to be in a deep sleep only to wake up from the smell of death (his farts).

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