Cold Weather Bathing- Solutions for Keeping Your Dog Clean During the Winter Months

If you’re like me and have dogs that literally hate getting in the bathtub for a regular cleaning, you tend to wait until the weather is warm enough so that you can use the garden hose outside to wash and rinse. Not only does it keep doggy hair from clogging up my drain, my four dogs can then air dry in the warmth of the sun without totally stressing out. But what do you do before the spring weather heats up the water outside and your bathtub-aphobic pooch really needs a good “de-stinkifying” scrub down?

Try a dry shampoo. Typically manufactured in a spray formula, a good, organic dry shampoo can kill that “dirty dog” smell without water or rinsing. This can help between regular baths and is great for cleaning dirty dog paws and muddy bellies.

Take your dog to a self-washing facility. Most towns and cities in this country now have at least one business that allows you to bring your dog in and bathe, rinse, and dry her using all of their equipment including standing tubs and hair dryers. You will be expected to bring your own shampoo and rinse, your own towels, and your dog’s brushes. If nail clipping is needed, that chore is on you also.

Bathing at home in cold weather requires certain allowances to keep your dog warm and happy. Make sure your bathroom and your whole house are nice and toasty warm. You don’t want your dog climbing out of a warm water bath and taking a chill.

Buy some protective eye gel or ophthalmic ointment from your veterinarian to squirt in your dog’s eyes prior to getting in the tub. This keeps irritating soap bubbles out of the eyes during bath time.

To save on time in the water and reduce the chances of getting cold, use an all-natural, organic shampoo and conditioner combo. By not having to rinse out the conditioner, you’re automatically reducing your water usage and giving your pooch extra time to get warm.

Keeping those ears clean, infection-free, and smelling nice is easily accomplished by using ear wipes containing colloidal silver. The colloidal silver is an all-natural ingredient that suppresses bacteria that causes ear disease and that musty smell.

Because colder weather often brings on incidences of dry skin, you may want to try an oatmeal shampoo to help combat the flakiness. The colloidal oatmeal in this type of shampoo is a proven remedy for the itchy skin that can lead to scratching, sores, and skin infections.

Allow your dog to shake off in the tub, and have several towels heating up in the clothes dryer to help soak up the water in her coat. Warm towels will automatically help stave off the cold until you’re able to dry the hair completely, and are a necessity if you have a short-coated pet.

For dogs with longer hair that need the use of a hair dryer, keep the air away from ears and eyes to lessen irritation and place the dryer on its low setting at least 12-inches away from the hair to keep from burning your dog’s skin.

And finally, if you have a space heater, move it to the bathroom and turn it on while your dog is in the bath, so your dog isn’t so cold when she gets out of the tub.

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