Top 10 Reasons Why Your Dog is a Better Companion than your Partner

1. You were sober when you picked out your dog (no beer goggles)

2. Your dog doesn’t argue about what movie to see

3. Your dog isn’t looking at other humans wishing she was theirs

4. Your dog likes all the food you cook and always comes back for seconds

5. Your dog is always happy to see you, even if you look like crap

6. If you dog could speak he would say “of course I love to cuddle”

7. When you ask your dog “Do these pants make my butt look big?” he’s smart enough not to tell you the truth

8. Your dog doesn’t hold grudges

9. Your dog will listen to you for hours without interrupting

10. No matter what, your dog is always up for a little heavy petting

11. Speaking of heavy petting, how’s your dog’s breath? If it smells like fish slobber, spray in some Dog Smog Remedy. This super-strength breath freshener also helps to eliminate those gaseous emissions coming out of the other end too!

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