Give your dog a job!

Dogs play many roles in our lives. They are our friends, our confidantes and our companions as we set out on life’s adventures. It’s no surprise then to learn that they also have jobs where their role is to help us and to look after us.

Assistance Dogs

You’d be most familiar with assistance dogs in their role as helping vision impaired people negotiate their day to day life. However, dogs can also help people who have hearing loss or physical disabilities and those with autism. It’s amazing to see a dog learn to pick up keys, turn the lights on and off, and even put laundry in the washing machine.

Although assistance dogs seem to really enjoy their work, I have known some that have become very stressed with the responsibilities placed on them, and turned quite anxious.

If a person is going to rely on their assistance dog, that dog has to be in the best physical and mental health. This is where Sleepytime Tonic is so useful. It doesn’t have any sedative effect so dogs can still be relied on to work well, However, the custom blend of natural anti-anxiety and calming ingredients reduce the stress and anxiety associated with being responsible for the well-being of their owner. You can rely on its Valerian to calm their nerves and the Cerato to increase their attention and ability to concentrate. The result is a service dog that is relaxed and focussed and able to do their job.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs don’t have any special characteristics except that they love everyone and are happy to meet new people. Together with their owner, they visit residents of nursing homes and hospitals, to provide affection and provide a calming effect on their residents. Because these residents aren’t able to have a dog of their own, they really look forward to visits from their therapy dog.

Therapy dogs are patted and cuddled by all sorts of people during the course of their day, including those who are unwell. This means that it’s important that they are clean when they go out on their visits. If a service dog is bathed frequently, their owner needs to be very careful about what products they use on their dog’s skin and coat, to avoid a dry coat and itchy skin.

Bubbles n’Beads shampoo is an ideal choice for washing dogs, especially if they have frequent bath times. This shampoo contains tiny micro-beads that are full of vitamins which work their way down to the skin. There they release their nutrients at the base of the hair, right where they are needed. Regular use of Bubbles n’ Beads will result in a luxurious shiny coat that is a pleasure to touch. When they visit the nursing home or hospital, the residents will just love to cuddle up to them.

Historically, dogs evolved to work alongside humans. They are still working with us today, and making our life easier and more enjoyable.  We need to take care of their body as well as their mind so they can do their jobs to the best of their ability.

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