What you’ll need to give your dog a bath

Photo courtesy of: Susan Cid Tritsch

Tools of the Trade

It’s much easier to bath your dog if you have everything ready before you start. Here is a check list of what you will need to effectively bath your dog.

Brush. This will remove any loose or matted hair, and should be used before your dog gets wet. Start at his head and work your way all over his body and down his tail. Use a brush that is best suited for his coat type.

Shampoo. Choose the right kind of shampoo to do the job. If your dog has normal healthy skin, then Bubbles ‘n Beads is a good choice for him. It is a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner that contains microbeads which deliver vitamins and conditioners right down to his skin surface. Another good option is Sparkle and Shine, which is designed to brighten up a light colored coat. For the dogs with itchy or sensitive skin, reach for theComfy Dog oatmeal shampoo to soothe the inflammation and make him more comfortable.

ConditionerRuff to Smooth detangling conditioner can be used all over your dog after his bath, to loosen any tangles and make it easier to brush him. It is particularly effective if your dog is a wire haired breed. For a deep conditioning effect, and to ease skin irritations, Fur Butter is the product of choice. Oatmeal has been proven to reduce itching, and it will leave your dog’s coat soft, shiny and luxurious.

Ear wipes. When it comes to ear problems, prevention is definitely better than cure. If you use ear wipes after your dog has been bathed, the colloidal silver will help to prevent the growth of bacteria while the all natural cleansing ingredients will remove any dirt and debris in the ear canal.

Non slip bath mat. If you wash your dog in the bath tub, put a rubber non slip mat on the bottom of the tub. He will feel much more secure if he isn’t slipping and sliding on the wet porcelain.

Towels and wash cloth. Make sure you have some towels handy to dry your dog when he comes out of the bath. If it’s cold, he’ll appreciate it if it has been warmed up in the tumble dryer for a few minutes before you use it. Put some towels on the floor around the bath tub so he doesn’t slip on the wet floor. The wash cloth is very handy for wiping his face and around his eyes.

Hand held shower attachment. This is almost essential for bathing your dog in the shower or bath tub. It allows you to move the shower head around and under your dog, giving you easy access to all parts of his body. It’s much more convenient than using a cup to pour water on him, and hoping you don’t miss anywhere. If your shower doesn’t have one of these, give some thought to buying one. They aren’t expensive, and you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

Heater. During the colder months, both you and your dog will appreciate having a small heater turned on in the bathroom. You must remember to be very careful with electricity around water.

Tether. If you prefer to wash your dog outdoors, then a tether is a very handy tool. Tie your dog’s leash to it and you’ll have both hands free to lather him up and rinse him off. Make sure you step back when you let him loose, as he will shake water all over you!

Dryer. A hand held hair dryer is useful to dry your dog’s coat after his bath. Remove as much water as you can with a towel before using it, otherwise you’ll possibly end up spending more time drying your dog’s hair than you do your own.

Bath time should be a fun time for you and your dog. Choose the right products for his skin and coat, and he’ll be clean and fresh when you give him a hug.

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