Why does my dog chase squirrels, hate the postman, dig holes and bury treats?

by EcoWellDog– Natural Leaders in Grooming & Wellness

Why Does My Dog Like To Dig Holes?

There are two main reasons why dogs dig holes:

  • Natural instinct: Digging is a natural phenomenon of dogs in the wild. Typically they will dig holes so that they can bury things, such as food that they have acquired – usually to hide it from nearby dogs or other animals that might also be interested in it. Digging is also a way that animals in the wild will hunt for food such as small rodents that live underground. Even though our dogs are domesticated now, they still have the strong instinct to dig.
  • Behavioral problems: Some dogs, however, have behavioral issues that can lead them to become destructive and dig – often as a result of boredom. If this sounds like your dog, you should reassess his environment and see if you can incorporate some extra mental stimulation or physical exercise into his daily regime to help reduce this issue.

Why Does My Dog Like To Bury Treats?

Burying treats goes hand in hand with digging holes! It’s certainly no picnic for dogs to exist in the wild, and that burial instinct remains in our domesticated four-legged friends. We like to make sure our cupboards are stocked with food supplies, and dogs also like to hoard their food. And even though our pampered pets at home never really need to bury treats for a rainy day, that hoarding instinct is hard for them to kick! So it’s not unusual for an old treat to suddenly resurface after many days, or even weeks!

Why Does My Dog Have An Obsession With Squirrels?

Is your dog a squirrel-stalker? Watching him interact with these furry creatures can seem almost cartoon-like, although I’m sure the squirrel doesn’t think it’s very amusing! It’s not necessarily just the squirrel that is your dog’s focal point of interest, however, but more the natural instinct to hunt – all kinds of small furry animals can become the unfortunate target of this natural, predatory behavior. Dogs chase out of instinct, and this can ultimately lead to a kill if he escapes you, and outruns his prey. Each time he succeeds with a kill, it reinforces the behavior, and strengthens the habit, and eventually you see this as his “squirrel obsession”!

Why Does My Dog Hate The Postman?

You have to feel sorry for postmen – they suffer the wrath of dogs everywhere! Thankfully most of them know better than to take it personally though. The reason why dogs tend to dislike postmen is simply a matter of protecting their territory. Your dog sees the postman as a stranger who is threatening his home turf, and the growling or barking (and hopefully nothing worse!) is his way of letting the postman know who’s boss. Although it’s useful to have a dog that alerts you to the presence of strangers around the house, it’s a good idea to keep your postman’s safety in mind (or any other service provider, for that matter). Your postman can refuse to deliver your mail if he feels physically threatened by your dog, so if there are any displays of aggression, it’s best to keep your dog indoors around the time of mail delivery.

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