What Are Those Liver Spots On My Dog?

by EcoWellDog– All Natural Leaders in Grooming & Wellness

Liver spots in people are skin blemishes that tend to develop with age, especially on the hands, arms, and face. Their name arose because it was thought that they were associated with liver disease. Today, however, we know that this is not the case, but that they are a result of long-term sun exposure.

Should I Worry If My Dog Has Liver Spots?

Owners often notice blemishes on their dog’s skin that look like liver spots in people. They are harmless, pigmented areas that also often develop with age. These light brown patches of skin may be very obvious if your dog has a thin coat, or if they are present on hairless regions like the underside of his body. The blemishes are not raised above the skin, but are merely flat, pigmented patches, so in dogs with thicker coats they may not be obvious unless his skin needs to be shaved – maybe for a surgical procedure, or to treat a skin condition.

7 Important Changes To Look Out For:

Harmless blemishes like these will remain unchanged over time. But just as is the case with pigmented skin blemishes in people, it is extremely important to seek medical advice if these change in any way. Changes in their appearance could mean that they are not just harmless blemishes after all, but could be a form of skin cancer. Some important changes to watch out for, include:

  • Change in shape
  • Change in size
  • The blemish becomes raised above the skin
  • Change in color (if the blemish becomes reddened or even darker brown)
  • Loss of hair over the patch (if hair was present previously)
  • Itchiness in that region
  • Ulceration or bleeding of the blemish

So although typically these blemishes are just benign skin pigmentations, it makes sense to keep a check on them every so often. Ask your veterinarian to examine them each time he sees your dog. And if you want to monitor them yourself too, simply taking measurements and photographs of them every so often can be a great way to keep a check on their progression.

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  1. Can i send a picture of my dogs skin because i dont know exactly if there liver spots

    1. Did you find out what the spots were? My boxer mix also has spots on her belly. My vet said they were caused by having allergies left untreated over a period of time., but I would like to know more about this. Why do brown spots develop if related to allergies? If anyone has answers, please respond.

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