Is My Dog Happy?

by EcoWellDog . Natural Leaders in Grooming & Wellness

Do you ever find yourself wondering how your four-legged friend is feeling? Although we often associate canine happiness with playfulness and tail wagging, happiness is more than just this. Like us, dogs need lots of care and attention, and if their needs are not met, they too can suffer from emotional stress. Although there are many signs of a happy dog, here are some cues to help you recognize that your dog is emotionally well:

Five Signs Of A Happy Dog

  • He doesn’t cling to your side at home
  • He is not destructive when left alone
  • He is not food aggressive
  • He is not aggressive to pets or people
  • He is not overly submissive

Why Are These Signs Important?

If your dog clings to you at home, and destroys things in your absence, these may indicate separation anxiety . Affected dogs need to be retrained to be happy without you. Although difficult, begin by paying less attention to him when he demands it. You can also try an herbal supplement that will help with separation anxiety. Some other helpful tips include:

  • Avoid scolding him if he has been destructive.
  • Avoid the guilty farewell or the celebratory return.
  • Ignore him when you arrive home – let him settle for 20 minutes, and then call him over for attention.
  • Ignore him for 20 minutes before you leave the house.
  • When you are home, desensitize him to triggers that distress him: put on your coat occasionally and sit watching TV, or pick up your keys and carry them around with you during the day. Gradually he will stop associating these things simply with your absence.
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