Taking The Itch Out Of Paw Licking Due To Flea Allergy

by Dr. Nicola Parry

Does your dog have a flea allergy? If so, his constant paw licking is likely driving you insane. And if it makes you feel this way, imagine how he is feeling! Even though his allergy can’t be cured, there are definitely things you can do to manage this problem.

How Can I Help To Manage His Skin Problem?

You can help your dog in two important ways, and they involve treating the cause as well as the symptoms:

  • Flea Control: Fleas are everywhere, so if your dog goes outdoors, it’s impossible to prevent him coming into contact with them. Your job is to protect him against them with a two-sided attack:
    • Treat your dog: Flea control medication is a must, otherwise every flea bite will set off his allergy. Veterinary prescription medications are usually best for this condition, but if you prefer to use a natural, chemical-free product in conjunction, try Flea The Scene . This spray nicely complements other products, and is safe, even if accidentally ingested. You may also want to supplement with an all natural flea prevention shampoo and conditioner such as the Dirty & Harry OUTDOOR Collection
    • Treat his environment : You can significantly reduce flea egg numbers by just vacuuming, as well as washing any bedding, furniture covers, or anything that he sits on. Follow up with environmental flea sprays on carpets and soft furnishings.

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  • Itch Control: It is essential to break the cycle of itching, scratching and skin damage that leads to more itching. Your veterinarian can advise on which product is best for your dog, depending on the severity of his condition. But there are chemical-free products that you can use to complement this treatment. For all-over skin relief, try Comfy Dog oatmeal conditioning shampoo at bath time. Afterwards spray Itchin’ For Relief directly onto his paws and any other bothersome hot spots – this will help to further soothe itchiness and reduce inflammation. “Healthy Skin Shiny Coat” is another helpful product that comes in a dropper bottle – a few drops by mouth or on a treat will help relieve itching and promote coat health.

If you’ve ever suffered the wrath of poison ivy, you’ll know how it feels to have itchy skin. So do your dog a favor and help keep his flea allergy and itchiness under control. You can be sure he’ll then be licking your face instead of his paws!

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