Natural Flea And Tick Prevention And Remedies

Many pharmaceutical pesticides are available to protect our dogs from fleas and ticks, including over the counter products as well as those from your veterinarian. These options, however, aren’t for everyone.

Would you prefer to take a more natural approach to pest control? Then read on for some tips on how to do this without the use of pharmaceuticals!

The 2-Pronged Attack

Since much of the life cycle of the flea is spent away from the animal, it’s not enough to just treat your dog – you have to treat his environment at home too. And don’t forget to treat any other pets you might have – like cats or rabbits.

4 Ways To Treat Your Dog Naturally

  • Comb regularly to remove fleas, and carefully pull off any ticks
  • Bath your dog
    • Dirty and Hairy’s OUTDOOR shampoo and spray
      • These will gently detangle and moisturize the skin
    • Apple cider vinegar
      • Just add a few drops to your dogs bath water

Spray products

    • Flea The Scene” is a 3-in-1 spray that is safe and gentle, yet effective, and ideal for use on your dog when outdoors
    • Apple cider vinegar
      • Dilute 50/50 with water and use as a spray repellent
      • Alternatively just add a spoonful to your dog’s drinking water
    • Lemon
      • Cut up a lemon, immerse in boiling water and leave overnight. Use as a repellent spray on your dog’s skin.

Some essential oils are helpful – add a couple of drops to the neck and tail base

    • Lavender
    • Cedar wood oil extract
    • Peppermint

4 Ways To Treat Your Home Naturally

1. Vacuum regularly

Carpets, furniture and bedding


Dog bedding, your bedding, and any removable furniture covers

3. Borate crystals

Sprinkle this powder on carpets, floors and upholstery

4. Cedar wood chips

Place these around your pet’s bed to help deter fleas and ticks. They have the added bonus of smelling good too!

Natural alternatives for flea and tick control are chosen by many dog owners who wish to avoid the conventional medications. Regardless though, remember that no single method is effective on its own – multiple products should be implemented together. Using the combination of “Dirty and Hairy, Protect” shampoo and conditioner, along with “Flea The Scene” spray, for instance, can be very effective when fighting the war against these pests. And don’t forget to treat your home too!

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