Clean dogs are healthy dogs!

Clean dogs are healthy dogs, and they have happier owners. There are several reasons why this is so.

1. Washing your dog regularly with the right shampoo will prevent him developing itching and inflammation on his skin. If he has sensitive skin, Comfy Dog oatmeal shampoo is the right choice for him, because the colloidal oatmeal will stop that itch quick smart. Follow it with Fur Butter for longer lasting relief from itching, and a soft shiny coat. Dogs with normal coats benefit from a gentle shampoo with Bubbles ‘n Beads. It contains all natural ingredients to moisturize and repair his skin and coat. It’s an ideal product for dull, dry or damaged fur because it doesn’t strip out the natural oils in the coat. Tiny micro-beads deliver little packages of conditioners and vitamins right to the skin, leaving his coat soft and smelling great.

2. Most people like to have their dogs indoors with them. They’re a part of the family and this way they can share family activities, like curling up on the couch and watching television. They’re not so welcome on the furniture if they’re dirty, so make sure you give them a regular bath. That way your couch will remain in good condition for when you have human guests to share it with.

3. Dogs can shed copious amounts of hair, and sometimes you can sweep up enough from the floor to knit another dog! A good shampoo and brushing will help to loosen and remove excess hair. You won’t have little bundles of dog hair in the corners of your room, and your sweeping time will be considerably reduced.

4. Fleas can be a real problem for dogs. They cause itching and can spread tapeworms, and they may even jump onto you and give you an itchy bite. Bathe your dog with the appropriate shampoo, and then spray him with Flea the Scene, and neither of you will have any problems with these little blood sucking parasites.

5. There’s nothing more pleasant than burying your nose into a soft furry clean smelling coat. If your dog has a regular bath, he’ll smell lovely and feel great. This means more pats for him. Dogs thrive on attention from their owners and if his skin and coat are clean and smelling good, you’ll both enjoy those extra cuddles.

Bathing your dog can be hard work, and there’s not always time in your busy schedule for a full shampoo and towel dry. Under these circumstances, why not try Dry Dog Instant Clean to keep your dog smelling good between shampoos? Just spray it all over his coat, and wipe off any excess with a soft cloth. It will completely get rid of any doggy odors. It can also be used hand in hand with Flea the Scene, for a complete between-bath treatment.

It’s no secret that a clean dog gets more attention than a dirty one. If your dog is clean and smells good, his skin will be healthy and he’ll get more affection and cuddles, which is also great for his mental health.

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