The Many Benefits of Lavender


Lavender is the most famous of the essential oils due to it’s pleasant relaxing aroma.  But did you know that lavender has many uses for common animal ailments as well?

The biggest benefit your dog will enjoy from lavender is alleviting unpleasant skin conditions. It is also excellent for first aid, custs and wounds and for general healing purposes.  Lavender is so gentle while also being antibacterial, astringent and an all natural anti itch remedy. So if your dog has itchy skin, a shampoo or spray with lavender is the way to go. You’ll be accomplishing two things– cleaning your dog while also healing the skin.

Lavender is also a good tick repellent. According to Mary Tilford in her wonderful book “Herbs for Pets”  mix olive oil, Saint John’s Wort infused oil  and lavender oil together and massage on affected areas to help ticks drop off. You can also use this mixture as a preventative.

As a side benefit, lavender also acts as a central nervous system sedative. It’s used to calm a nervous or excited animal. An open bottle of the oil can be waved under the dog’s nose, or, put some of the oil on a piece of cardboard and place near the bed. Or, even easier, get a lavender candle and enjoy the  lovely frangrance.



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