Is your dog’s licking and scratching all night driving you insane?

It’s been a long day at work. You’ve enjoyed unwinding with your favorite television show, and it’s time to catch up on some much needed sleep. Turning the lights out, you roll over and close your eyes with a sigh.

Then, it starts.
Your dog is itchy, and you can hear him scratching at himself. In the quiet of the night, it’s the only sound you can hear, and it’s so loud! There’s no way you’ll get to sleep while he’s constantly licking his skin and paws. You need to work out how to soothe your dog’s skin and help him settle at bedtime, or you’ll both be tired and cranky in the morning.

I use a three tiered approach to calm down my itchy westie.

1. Calm Down
Before bedtime, or in the middle of the night when your dog wakes you up, give your canine companion some Sleepytime Tonic. He will happily swallow this honey flavored liquid, but if not, pop a few drops on his favorite treat and offer him that. This tonic contains specially formulated herbs and Bach Flower Remedies to calm your dog and help him to relax. At the same time, Liquorice and Blue Flag safely and effectively relieve his itch. Because of its rapid action, you can expect him to calm down and start to relax very quickly.

2. Stop that Itch
Your dog won’t stop scratching while he is still itchy. Grab your bottle of Itchin’ for Relief, part his fur and spray it directly onto his skin. There’s no need to wet his coat, you can apply it while he is still dry. This makes it perfect for using just before bed.

This fast acting formula contains oat kernel extract, neem extract, aloe and calendula. These gentle, all natural ingredients will soothe his itch, cool his red inflamed skin and stop the irritation that keeps you both up all night.

3. Hands on Soothing
Brush your dog with a soft bristled brush. Gentle strokes over his entire body will relax him and he’ll be dozing in no time. Think about trying Tellington Ttouch – this technique involves moving your fingertips in small circles all over your dog’s body. It is designed to calm him down, and it may also break the itch-scratch cycle that is distressing for both of you.

As soon as your dog wakes you, Give your dog the Sleepytime Tonic so this natural remedy gets into her system and starts taking effect. Then spray some anti itch spray on the areas your dog is scratching/licking most. Finally, brush your dog. My dog loves this and she’ll calm down giving the Sleepytime Tonic and anti itch spray some time to work their magic. After about 10 minutes your dog should be good to go for at least a few hours.

Get to the Bottom of the Itch

There is always a reason for a dog’s itching and scratching, and an important part of managing his condition is working out what is causing it. If he has fleas, then make sure you keep Flea the Scene handy. It contains no pesticides, but instead relies on safe and effective natural ingredients to kill these blood sucking little parasites.

If he has a food allergy, then you’ll need to perform a food trial to work out what he is sensitive to, and keep those foods off his dinnertime menu.

Sleep deprivation is torture, especially when your work colleagues are relying on you in the morning. It’s not fun for your dog either. Take the time to calm him down and soothe his itch before you both go to bed, and you’ll enjoy sweet dreams the whole night through.

To get more tips on how you can stop your dog’s constant scratching, click below to get our free ebook. Written by vets and holistic pet practitioners, it’s jam packed with ideas and solutions to make your dog’s life more comfortable.

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