Does My Dog Need Vitamins?



by Audrey Harvey, DVM


Many people take a vitamin tablet every day.  The nutritional supplement industry turns over several million dollars a year, but there is debate about whether many of these supplements are actually necessary. In an ideal world, we would get all our nutritional needs from a balanced and healthy diet, but that isn’t often the case.


That’s the situation amongst people, what about our dogs? Do they need nutritional supplements?


What is Your Dog Eating?


Wild dogs, such as wolves, that have to hunt their prey eat a variety of foodstuffs including muscle meat, bone and grass. Your pet dog doesn’t have the same access to this natural canine diet, but he also doesn’t have to work too hard to find his next meal.


Dogs are by nature omnivorous, and most of them will eat anything that falls onto the kitchen floor, or finds its way into their dinner bowl. However the majority of a pet dog’s diet is processed kibble. While the premium brands contain a reasonable percentage of meat protein, less expensive foods are predominantly cereal based.


Processed foods and unhealthy eating habits are playing havoc with our own health. When you see the variety of high fat dog treats and snacks on the supermarket shelf, you’ll realize that dogs aren’t any better off. Couple this with a lack of physical exercise, and the result is less than optimal health and increased weight gain.


If your dog lives in an urban area, they may be exposed to toxins in the air from car exhausts and nearby industrial factories. This isn’t good for him at all.


Does My Dog Need a Supplement?


Lots of dogs go through life without any supplements or vitamins and are just fine, but their health could be improved. There are some supplements that may be beneficial to your dog, and will improve his health from the inside.


Over time, dogs may accumulate toxins in their body because of a less than ideal diet and lifestyle. Healthy Skin Shiny Coat is a natural detoxifier which counteracts this. It contains herbal extracts including dandelion and burdock which cleanse their body and promote the elimination of waste products and toxins. Echinacea is well known as an immune stimulant and also promotes waste excretion. Just a few drops in your dog’s mouth each day will result in a shiny coat and better overall health.


If your dog is a little generous around the waistline, it’s very likely that his joints are hurting. Joint Resolution is the ideal supplement for him. The collagen in this easily absorbed liquid helps to rebuild cartilage and prevent further damage to his joints. It also improves the joint fluid, which lubricates the joint and helps to cushion the impact from walking and running. This unique product also contains herbal extracts which have a natural anti-inflammatory effect, to help to ease his discomfort.


Even if your dog appears to be in great shape, you may find he will benefit from these supplements. Give them a try and see the results for yourself.


Audrey Harvey is a veterinarian who has worked in small animal practice for 20 years, and has been involved in teaching and competing in dog obedience and agility. She is passionate about preventative health care in dogs, particularly obesity management and the prevention of boredom related behavioral problems. Audrey lives in Brisbane Australia, and shares her couch with an Australian Cattle Dog, an Australian Working Kelpie and two Whippets.

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