Happytails & Cain & Able are Merging!


Cain and Able collection EcoWellPet Happytails Canine Spa Line
Competitors for almost seven years, Cain & Able Collection and happytails Canine Spa Line, pioneers of high-quality canine spa products, will join forces this January to become the industry leader in the natural canine grooming and wellness categories. The new company will be called EcoWellPet but there will be no change to the happytails or Cain and Able products or brands.Both companies have always had the same purpose- to create natural products and remedies to nurture and strengthen the human-canine bond. Many stores comfortably carry happytails and Cain and Able congruently anyway, and the lines tend to complement rather than compete with one another.

You won’t notice any difference when we merge except for the convenience of being able to place one order to one location and have one number for customer service.In the current business climate it’s important to offer every convenience that we can. Shipping from the middle of the country will help save you money and enable us to offer quicker delivery . We will also be able to invest more in developing new and innovative products.How this effects you

• Starting January 3rd happytails’ products will be shipped from Austin not Los Angeles.

• The Cain & Able line will continue to be shipped from Austin TX

• You will be able to order products from happytails, Cain & Able, Dirty & Harry and KissAble on one order.

• When you call to place an order you will be greeted with “Hello, EcoWellPet”

• You will still be working with all of the same band of loveable misfits you’ve always worked with: Kevin, Candace, Lorna, Lauryn, Tom, Jason and Mike.

• The new telephone number is 866-364-7720 although all of our current numbers will still get you to the right place.

• You can email orders to Orders@EcoWellPet.com

• You can fax orders to 512-532-6434

• In the very near future you will be able to order all brands on one website. You may still order each brand online at happytailsspa.com or cainandablecollection.com

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Lorna@EcoWellPet.com or visit www.EcoWellPet.com for more information on the merge.

EcoWellPet, a majority woman- owned business, creates eco-friendly spa, grooming and wellness products that solve the toughest problems dogs face, like itchy skin, ear infections, tear stains, dental disease and odor.

EcoWellPet can be ordered by calling 866-364-7720 or visiting www.EcoWellPet.com




EcoWellPet Inc. Austin, TX 78745 (512) 442.3647 | ECOWELLPET.COM


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