How to wash a really dirty dog



Dogs get dirty. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep them clean, they still manage to pick up dirt, dust and sometimes worse! No one really knows why dogs roll around in dead things, manure, and anything else that is particularly smelly, but the odds are good that at some point your dog is going to get filthy!


It is quite possible to wash your dog so that you gently and effectively remove the grime from his fur without drying out his coat.


Before You Shampoo


If your dog is absolutely coated in dirt and smells to high heaven and you have a large dog, start the washing process outside even if you would prefer to use a bathtub or a hydrobath. You may be able to get a substantial amount of the dirt off with a gentle hosing. The key word here is gentle; a strong jet of water on his body could be quite painful. It might take several minutes before you got your dog clean enough that you won’t mind touching him.


Once you’ve done that, you can either take him directly to the bathtub, or continue washing him where he is. Choose your shampoo carefully; the product you use will need to be gentle on his coat while removing the dirt. Bubbles ‘n Beads is the perfect choice. This two-in-one shampoo and conditioner contains micro-beads full of vitamins and conditioners, as well as coconut oil and amino acids. These help to dislodge the dirt in his coat, and clean his fur without stripping its natural oils.


It’s Soap Time!


Apply Bubbles ‘n Beads to your dog’s wet coat, and lather it up so that the shampoo penetrates right down to his skin. This will allow the vitamins and conditioners in the micro-beads to reach the hair follicles, where they will be of most benefit.


Make sure you work the lather into all parts of his coat. Start at his head, and work backwards along his body, down his legs, and right to the end of his tail. Although Bubbles ‘n Beads is very mild and doesn’t sting, it’s a good idea to keep the lather away from his eyes. You can expect your dog to try and shake off the lather, so be prepared to get a bit wet.


Leave Bubbles ‘n Beads on your dog’s coat for a full minute, to allow the micro-beads of conditioner to moisturize the shafts of his hair. After this, it’s time to rinse him off. You can use a bucket or a hose but again work from head to tail and remove all traces of lather from his fur. For best results, if you are washing your dog in the tub, use a handheld shower head. If you feel it’s necessary, you can give your dog a second shampoo with Bubbles ‘n Beads; it is very gentle and won’t dry his hair out at all.


When your dog is clean and there is no more shampoo in his coat, let him shake off the excess water. There is nothing quite as affectionate as a wet dog so if you aren’t already damp, you will be now!  Grab some towels and rub him all over until he is almost dry. Voila, your dog is now clean, and the ‘clean laundry’ scent will last for several days!

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  1. I tried to bath a disabled friends dog who hadn’t had a bath in nearly a year. He still looks filthy on his belly, around his penis area and the inside of his back legs. These are places he licks all the time when he dribbles pee. How can I get him clean? I put him in a full tub and soaked for a few minutes before washing but that didn’t help much. I thought about slathering him in coconut oil to see if that would soften it up. What do you suggest?

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