Living with a dog that just won’t relax- two natural remedies explored


It can be challenging living with a dog that just won’t relax. Some dogs are anxious, and can become stressed if there are any changes to their daily routine. Other dogs are like children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and just don’t seem to be able to calm down.


It’s important that you make sure there aren’t any medical or behavioral reasons for your dog being fidgety. Perhaps he has arthritis, and sitting still for any length of time is uncomfortable. If so, he will benefit greatly from the pain relieving effects of Joint Resolution. Perhaps he is a high energy dog and just isn’t getting the physical and mental stimulation he needs. In this case, you need to exercise him more, and give him opportunities to use his brain, such as obedience training or trick training.


If you have dealt with such issues, and your dog still won’t settle, you may feel you have run out of options.  Fortunately, there are natural treatments which will calm an unsettled dog and make life a lot more relaxing for him and for you. However, how do you choose the best treatment for your dog?


Commonly Used Natural Remedies


Two popular treatments for restlessness and agitation in dogs are Rescue Remedy and Sleepytime Tonic.


Rescue Remedy contains a very small amount of flower material in a 50:50 solution of water and brandy. These essences  were created by  Edward Bach in the 1930’s. Each essence, or remedy, is directed at a specific spiritual or emotional problem such as grief, shock or a visit to the vet. They are completely non-toxic and very safe to give your dog at any time.  According to users of Rescue Remedy the product works because it contains the “energetic” nature of the flower and that this can be transmitted to the user,


Sleepytime Tonic was formulated by Robert McDowell, who is considered to be the world’s leading authority on using western herbal medicines to treat illness in our dogs. It too contains flower essences, but they are carefully combined with other ingredients which have similar effects. Herbs such as Valerian, passion flower, vervain and Skullcap are natural calming agent, and are well known to reduce anxiety and restlessness. There are no side effects to using Sleepytime Tonic  and its natural honey flavor means that dogs are only too happy to swallow it.


Choices, Choices…


Given that both Rescue Remedy and Sleepytime Tonic are both effective in reducing stress and calming an unsettled dog, is there any advantage to using one over the other?

Arguments in favour of Sleepytime Tonic

Does not contain any alcohol.

contains Bach Flower essences, as does Rescue Remedy. However, its combination of calming herbs means that it works in two ways: the flower essences help soothe your dog’s emotions, and the herbs will physically relax him and help him calm down.

Product does not just rely on the “energetic” nature of flower essences. Rather, the percentage of the herbs in the formula is significant enough to effect a change.

The product is larger for less money  ($13 for 1 fl. oz vs $15 for .35 fl oz)

What do you have to say? Have you tried this product? Include your opinion!






Arguments in favour of Rescue Remedy


Has stood the test of time.

Is available almost everywhere.

Because the dosage of flower essence is so small it can be used inconjunction with conventional drugs, with no fear of drug interaction.

What do you have to say? Have you tried this product? Include your opinion!







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