Gettin’ lovey dovey with your favorite Canine on Valentine’s Day


Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. ‘Tis the season for lovers everywhere to stroll hand in hand through the park, exchange gifts, and celebrate their relationship with the one they love. If your dog is the love of your life, you can certainly share the day with him. Even if you have a partner, three is definitely not a crowd when that third person has four legs and a wagging tail.


What if you’d like to find that special someone to share your life? Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to look for them, and it’s important that they too are a dog lover. These days, many relationships begin online, and subscribing to dog friendly dating sites such as  means your new partner is likely to love your dog as much as you do.


While your dog will always enjoy walking hand in leash with you, he’ll also appreciate a little gift as a token of your affection, especially if it is liver flavoured.


You may have to think a little outside the box. Fido isn’t likely to appreciate the traditional Valentine’s Day bunch of flowers. Their perfume will probably leave him cold, and if he nibbles on them, he may end up spending the day at the veterinary clinic. If eaten, many plants can give our dogs a sore belly, with vomiting and diarrhea.   



Sweets For The Sweet


I love chocolate, and in my opinion, it’s one of the five basic food groups! Anyone who gives me chocolate on Valentine’s Day has a good chance of winning my heart. Although my dogs would be delighted to share my treats, chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and death in dogs. As little as 100g of milk chocolate will make a 7kg dog unwell. This gives me the perfect excuse to eat all my Valentine’s chocolates myself.


If your dog does steal your chocolates, contact your vet straight away, as early treatment will result in a happy outcome for both of you.


You can still share something yummy with your dog. Consider giving him treats made with carob, which is quite safe for him. Alternatively, put on an apron and whip up some homemade dog biscuits.


Smelling Nice


Another popular gift at this time of year is cologne. Although your dog probably prefers rolling in the fragrance of dead fish or old compost, this doesn’t win him any friends when it comes to getting up close and personal. The solution – Fur Breeze. This all-natural dog fragrance doesn’t just mask that doggy smell, it actually eliminates lingering odors from his coat and bedding.


Choose either citrus vanilla or rosemary peppermint fragrances, and you won’t need to hold your nose when your dog wants a Valentine’s Day hug.


You also want to make sure that both you and your Valentine have fresh smelling breath. Nothing is worse than that road kill flavored slobber your pup so eagerly shares with you! Pick up a bottle of Dog Smog Remedy– it’s a breath freshener for dogs that also helps with the other end– gaseous emissions!


Time, Toys and Tuxedos.


Perhaps you’d prefer to choose a gift for your dog that lasts a bit longer. If your dog is active and enjoys a game, he’ll love a gift of a new ball or toy. Make sure you buy a toy that lasts; it can be so disappointing when a gift breaks the first time he plays with it.


Any relationship is improved by spending quality time together. Giving your dog a massage or a thorough brushing is as much a gesture of affection as anything you can buy or make, and is a great option for when the budget is tight. Your dog will appreciate the extra attention, and you’ll both feel warm and loving afterwards.


Have you seen the latest dog fashions you can buy for your dogs?  Booties, hoodies, and even formal wear – your dog will turn heads wherever he goes, and you’ll be proud to be seen with such a well-dressed companion.


Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to show those you love just how much they mean to you. Don’t forget to include your four legged best friend in your celebrations. After all, their love is unconditional.

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