Clinical trial shows that Eyemunity can help dog’s with allergies

Itchy dog For a while now we’ve been hearing stories about dog’s with red tear stains being given Eyemunity and seeing a noticeable improvement in their itchy skin and allergies.

Although Eyemunity was actually formulated to remove the staining caused by Epiphora (a yeast bloom caused by a bacterial infection) the results come as no surprise. In fact they make perfect sense; allergies, after all are an autoimmune response and Epicor, the active ingredient in Eyemunity, modulates some of the factors involved in immunity. (Most noticeably Ige levels)

Well now we have more than anecdotal evidence to rely on. Results from a study published in Advances in Therapy (2009:26(8):795-804) found that Epicor "significantly reduced the severity of allergic symptoms." The study (a human trial of 96 subjects) was a randomized, double blind test that included a placebo. The results were measured through in-clinic visits, validated questionnaires and serologic (blood serum) testing.

This is good news forĀ  millions of owners who’s dogs suffer from allergies and itching. Eyemunity provides a long term complement to the arsenal of topical products available for itchy, allergic dogs.

The all natural formula is an easy-to-use supplement that’s added to a dog’s food once a day. Unlike other tear stain products on the market it contains no pharmaceutical antibiotics so doesn’t come with any of those nasty side effects. You can use Eyemunity for as long as you like and not only will it clear up any tear stains but it will also improve a dog’s overall health and comfort. Especially if he’s plagued by allergies.

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