5 Quick Tips to Eliminate Unwanted Doggy Odors

Let’s face it. Dogs don’t always smell good. Whether the smell is from their front end, their back end, or just their whole body, the result is the same. Sometimes they’re not all that pleasant to be around.

Here are five quick steps you can take to eliminate that funky dog smell, and avoid being knocked out when your dog wants to sit close to you.

1. If your dog has that strong doggy smell and is itchy, he may have skin infection and inflammation. This can be secondary to allergies, hormonal disorders or nutritional deficiencies. The end result is the same – an overgrowth of bacteria and fungi on the skin.

Treatment is straightforward – your vet will help you diagnose and correct the underlying problem and will prescribe antibiotics to kill the secondary infection. In the meantime, you can minimize the smell by washing him in Bubbles ‘n Beads Shampoo . It will gently cleanse his skin and coat, and its colloidal oatmeal will ease the inflammation and relieve his itching. For days that you don’t wash your dog by Fido is smelly funky, use a dry shampoo like Dry Dog Instant Clean . It’s ingredients capture and eliminate foul smells so you can breathe!

2. Dogs love rolling in smelly things. In fact, the smellier the better. It can be hard to stop him doing this, particularly if you like to take your dog for a walk and let him run free. All you can do to get rid of the smell is to give him a bath. The problem is, if you’re going to bath your dog frequently, you do need to be careful in your choice of shampoo. Many shampoos will dry his coat, and this can lead to scratching.

If you’re going to bath your dog often, then Bubbles’n Beads is the product to use. It’s a gentle, all natural shampoo but more importantly, it contains micro beads full of conditioning vitamins, which break open at skin level and deliver their conditioners right to the root of the hair. The result is a soft luxurious healthy coat, no matter how often you bath him. If it’s too cold to bathe your dog, or you just need relief from the smell immediately, try Dry Dog Instant Clean, a spray-on bath replacement with aloe and kiwi.

3. Dental disease is a common cause of bad odor around your dog’s head. Have a look inside his mouth, and check for reddening of the gum line, and any build up of calculus on his teeth, particularly those at the back of his mouth. A study has shown that 85% of dogs over 3 years of age have some degree of gum disease, so even if his teeth and gums don’t look so bad, they may still the source of the stench.

Purchase a toothbrush and paste specially formulated for dogs. Don’t use your own as human toothpaste contains soap and since dogs can’t spit… well you get the idea! Also, consider changing his diet to see if it improves his breath, and give him a regular spray of Dog Smog Remedy . Its peppermint and fennel botanical extracts will freshen his breath in no time. And then be sure to make brushing your dog’s teeth at least a weekly activity to avoid tooth decay.

4. Now to a less pleasant topic. Dogs have two little anal glands at each side of their anus, and they contain a foul smelling fluid. Every time your dog ummm poops, a little of this fluid is expressed to leave a little of your dog’s scent behind. Similarly, when two dogs meet and sniff under each others tail, they’re smelling each others unique perfume. Don’t you wish they’d just shake hands?

In most cases, dogs don’t have too many problems with these glands. However, they can become blocked and infected, and in extreme cases, they may abscess. As you can imagine, this doesn’t smell very good at all. If this happens, your dog may need veterinary treatment to resolve the problem, but you can avoid it happening again. Feeding your dog a high fiber diet can make his feces bulkier, which will put pressure on the glands, and keep them drained. To learn more about this problem, click here.

5. We’re all familiar with the unpleasant odor of dog flatulence. There are many causes, but most cases of foul smelling flatulence are associated with poor digestion of food. Changing your dog’s diet to a highly digestible, low residue food can help. Whatever diet you choose to feed him, it’s a good idea to add digestive enzymes to his food to improve digestibility. Again, Dog Smog Remedy will come to the rescue. It is simply sprayed in the mouth, and contains digestive enzymes to help break down his food and reduce the bad odor at the other end.

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