Amino Acids: The Key to a Healthier Coat

by Kevin Fisher

Happytails ‘ Bubbles n’ Beads contains a unique amino acid blend formulated to resemble the amino acid composition of the proteins in the hair. It penetrates the cuticle to condition and repair – all while delivering noticeable shine and luster.

Amino Acids and the hair

A dog’s hair is made primarily from keratin, an insoluble protein that like all proteins is built from amino acids (in this case cystine, tyrosine and leucine). As you probably know, the hair grows from a follicle just under the skin. In humans each hair emerges from a single follicle but dogs (depending on the breed) can have what are called compound follicles that produce as many as 25 hairs each. These follicles require a constant supply of amino acids to remain healthy. In fact hair follicles contain some of the fastest growing and dividing cells in the body so they consume vitamins, minerals and amino acids very rapidly. If any of these components is lacking the hair will look unhealthy and easily dry out.

Bubbles n’ Beads

That’s why we included amino acids in our Bubbles n’ Beads shampoo. Not only does the shampoo clean the hair and condition the fur but the amino acids are transported to the skin by the microencapsulated beads and release into the follicle helping to create healthier hair at the root.

A dog’s skin cells are replaced on average every 3 -4 weeks so regular washing with Bubbles n’ Beads will show excellent results very quickly.

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