Do you have a smelly, dirty dog?

by Carlotta Cooper

Stinky Dogs!

Have you ever been happily petting your dog, thinking how lucky you are to have such a wonderful best friend, looking deeply into his soulful eyes — when all of a sudden he lets out a burp that makes the house shake? You probably pull your face back fast enough to get whiplash. The odor certainly makes you start wondering what’s in the food you feed your dog.

Or, there’s the classic situation when you’re sitting with your dog and you start noticing a strong noxious odor in the room. You look at your dog but he continues to wag his tail and look quite happy. You know that toxic smell came from him but he’s not saying a word.

Sometimes it seems like dogs delight in finding the smelliest things they can to roll in and play with when they’re outdoors. Dogs actually do like to roll in garbage and dead animal carcasses. Dogs have a very different idea of what smells good than we do. They can actually like playing with stinky things. In the wild, wolves will even roll in such things in order to disguise their own scent. It helps them get closer to their prey.


For most encounters with garbage and smelly dead things a good bath will take care of the problem. You can use a shampoo and conditioner like Bubbles n’ Beads which has a clean laundry scent to replace the eau de varmint smell your dog has chosen. If your dog has smelly skin because of a bacterial infection then Bubbles n’ Beads can help with that odor, too. It contains antimicrobial tea tree and lavender oils.

If your dog has a close encounter with a skunk one good de-skunking remedy is to bathe your dog in the following solution:

1 quart (or liter) of 3 percent Hydrogen Peroxide

1/4 cup Baking Soda

A small amount of dish detergent, such as Dawn

Bathe your dog as soon as you find him after he meets the skunk. The skunk’s spray will most likely be hurting his eyes. You may have to bathe more than once but the first bath will noticeably reduce the odor.

Going Grunge

Most people like to give their dog a bath at least once a month (to learn how often to wash your dog click here .) That’s fine for most dogs and most breeds. It’s often enough to keep a dog clean and yet it doesn’t strip all of the natural oils from your dog’s coat. If you need to stretch the time between baths you may notice that your dog starts to smell a little rank. To be frank, you may want to walk down wind of him. If that’s the case and your dog is getting a little grungy, then something like Dry Dog Instant Clean can keep you and your dog in the same room together. Dry Dog Instant Clean is a dry shampoo that you can use instead of a bath. Or, you can use a canine cologne like Fur Breeze which also removes doggy odor.

His Breath Could Stop A Train

If your dog has chronic bad breath (not just an occasional burp), you should check his teeth. Many dogs develop gum disease by the age of three. Frequent brushing with a pet toothbrush and toothpaste will help prevent dental problems for your dog and keep his breath pleasant. Make sure that you don’t use human toothpaste. It can contain artificial sweeteners which are toxic to dogs. Check your pet sore for doggy toothpaste. It comes in flavors such as beef and peanut butter and most dogs love them. Dog Smog Remedy is also a great help for bad doggy breath. It’s an all-natural breath freshener that contains peppermint and fennel. You can spray it in your dog’s mouth or add a few drops to his food or water. A breath freshener like Dog Smog Remedy really helps when your dog has eaten something disgusting and temporarily has bad breath.

Noxious Fumes

Dog Smog Remedy is also a digestive aid so it can help with problems from your dog’s, um, other end. If your dog has problems with flatulence (or gaseous eruptions) Dog Smog Remedy can help neutralize the digestive enzymes in your dog’s stomach that are causing the excess gas. Of course, if your dog has a continuing problem with gas then you should re-evaluate his food and overall diet. Something he’s eating may not be agreeing with him. Some foods, especially those high in plant content, including corn and soybeans, can be harder for a dog to digest properly.

You should not give your dog over-the-counter medications for flatulence or stomach problems, such as Pepto-Bismol, without the advice of your veterinarian. Human medications can contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

No More Bad Smells

Dogs seem to be smelly in a lot of different ways, but I guess the same could be said of people. Heaven knows we have plenty of ways to fight bad odors for humans! As far as I know there aren’t any doggy deodorants but there are other ways to help your dog smell good. You can make his breath smell better, make his skin and coat smell good, and help him fight noxious emissions. Anything that makes your dog smell good will make it more fun to spend time with him so these are all good things to know.

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