1. I’m affraid of the time I’ll have to stop taking my dog for runs and bike tours because of his old age. Fortunately he’s only 2 now so I think I have a lot of time to run and play with him…

  2. Lorri

    My dog is going on 13 now. He has hip problems and arthritis. He is a lab, german shepard mix, he is beautiful!
    When he was young, he loved to swim, play, run, etc.
    Now I have to be careful with him. I make him as comfortable as I can.
    Enjoy your dog! He/she has LOTS of good years ahead.

  3. Dimond

    My great dane / mastiff mix, Willow is 6 and is just starting to have hip problems. I cant afford a vet at this time and was wondering if ne one has ne ideas for me email me at blockhead316@yahoo.com with any sugestions


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