Canine Bad Breath Getting You Down?

Does bad breath prevent you from enjoying your canine companion’s company? Do you dread doggy kisses because your pal’s breath will knock you out? You’re not alone – I and many other dog owners have dealt with breath so bad it could kill flowers and send people running from the room. What causes bad breath, and what should you do about it?

What causes bad breath in dogs?

Dogs aren’t the most discerning diners. Your dog’s bad breath can be as simple as having eaten something that you’d never consider edible, or it can be a result of dental hygiene issues or even more severe medical problems.

Occasional bad breath probably isn’t an issue – it’s just a case of your dog dining at a buffet you’d probably avoid, like the local garbage can or other unsavory goodies. If your dog has recurring bad breath, though, you should consider veterinary care to identify a potential underlying medical problem.

How to deal with dental hygiene issues causing bad breath.

You’ve got several options if your dog’s bad breath is caused by dental hygiene issues:

1. Brush your dog’s teeth.

Sound like fun? It probably won’t be fun for you or your dog, unless you learn how to make your dog love it. To ensure good dental hygiene, make it part of your routine to brush your dog’s teeth and learn how to make it fun for both of you!

2. Encourage your dog to chew!

No, you don’t want your dog shredding newspapers or eating your favorite slippers, but chewing helps to promote good dental hygiene. Give your dog dental chew treats, rawhide or other hard chew toys regularly to help keep his teeth strong and clean!

3. Consider changing your dog’s diet.

Diet can be another factor in canine bad breath, so try to keep an eye on what your dog eats. I know this can be easier said than done – turn your back for a minute and your dog is likely to help himself to the an old sock or even worse, poop ! Still, if canine bad breath is persistent, changing your dog’s diet may help to address the issue. Look at one of the all-natural diets from The Honest Kitchen

4. Try a breath-freshening product or digestive aid.

You’re not alone in dealing with canine bad breath – dog owners everywhere fear that stinky breath. Luckily, products like Dog Smog Remedy exist to help minimize the effect of canine bad breath. Unlike other breath-fresheners, Dog Smog Remedy actually addresses the digestive issues – minimizing bad smells from both ends of your doggy pal!

Hate the bad breath, but love your dog!

Canine bad breath is treatable! Use good dental hygiene, dog chews, dietary fixes and a digestive aid supplement like Dog Smog Remedy to get rid of the bad dog breath and keep your dog close! Don’t wake up in the morning to a strong whiff of your dog pal’s latest unsavory food choice – keep your Dog Smog Remedy handy to save your olfactory senses. Finally, consider veterinary care if your dog’s bad breath persists.

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