Love is in the air… or is that gas?

Love is in the air… or is that gas?

This is the time of year when you want to get closer to your canine companion (& backup Valentine’s date) and nothing helps that closeness more than a fresh-smelling,  gas-free dog. Happytails Canine Spa Line offers up their ‘ Be My Valentine Collection  which includes everything dog owners need to get their furry friends Valentine-ready. (Believe it or not, over 2.5 million Americans buy Valentine’s Gifts for their dogs)

The Be My Valentine Collection includes four travel-sized products that eliminate turn offs such as bad breath and BO all while adding a subtle hint of sparkle, shine and eau d’ cologne.

  • Is your dog’s gas making you a little nauseous? It’s not his fault; he needs some Dog Smog Remedy to get the two of you close again.  Spearmint, peppermint and fennel will freshen the breath while digestive enzymes of bromalain and papain will ease the gaseous emissions.

  • Does your dog need some Sparkle & Shine to get the sizzle back between the two of you?  Shimmering Mist is a finishing spray that not only smells good enough to eat but will add significant amounts of bling to your dog’s coat so she’s ready for an evening out.

  • If your dog’s coat has faded a bit over the years (and whose hasn’t?) might we recommend Sparkle & Shine Brightening Shampoo ? It will bring back the bling and refresh the shine of even the dullest coat. Pearlescent brighteners add shine, while yogurt & honey not only condition the skin but smell delicious.

  • Fur Breeze (Citrus Vanilla) This freshen-up spray is a must have for the modern muttrosexual. More than just a pretty scent, Fur Breeze contains ingredients that capture and eliminate unpleasant odors leaving your better half refreshed, renewed and ready for his hectic dog-park duties.

Los Angeles-based happytails creates eco-friendly spa, grooming and wellness products for the modern dog. We use the finest (“better than human quality”) ingredients to solve the toughest problems that dogs face, like itchy skin, tear stains and bad breath. Happytails is sold and recommended by veterinarians around the world for one simple reason- they work, naturally!

The products can be ordered at , by calling 1-866-HAPPY-20 or by visiting your local pet boutique.

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