1. I will look in to some of the alternatives you suggest.

    It is an expensive business buying the tick/flea treatments for three Dogs!


  2. Very useful and great information. I have a dog with dry skin. Everything I have tried so far has not helped. I am going to try out what you have suggested. Thanks for the help

  3. KTaylor

    Also, if you notice that your older dog now has an issue with fleas and has sores or “hot spots” it could mean there overall health is declining. Use straight apple cider vinegar on the hot spots or irritated skin. It will clear the area in about 24 hours and new hair growth will return in a week or so. Start giving brewers yeast daily and buy a good topical flea med. Dog will feel and look great in a couple of weeks. Worked a miracle on my old dog as I thought he was dying he look so bad, now a year later he looks like a new dog and he is almost ten!


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