Disguise Your Dirty Dog

Disguise Your Dirty Dog

I love when my dogs are smelling fresh and clean and looking white, bright and vibrant. However, there are those weeks when I just can’t wash them, due to cold weather, or just plain laziness.

Of course I am the one who suffers the consequences- less than aromatic odors wafting through the house, sand in the bed (I’m all for total body exfoliation but this is too much), a grubby muzzle, and a build-up of pet dander which in turn makes me sneeze.

There’s also the social stigma of having a dirty dog. On our daily walks I feel like such a bad pet parent as we walk by other dogs who are looking clean and pristine. I might as well have the scarlet "D" emblazoned across my chest. (D for Dirty!)

The good news is that I think I figured out how I can get away without bathing my dogs for a few extra days and not suffer the aforementioned consequences. Here are 4 steps in disguising your dirty dog.

1. Take 2 minutes to brush your dog. This will remove any loose debris.

2. Wipe your dog’s face with convenient Eye Pads to get rid of any eye gunk and a grubby muzzle- Eye Pads are pre-moistened towelettes that smell like lavender. You can also use them on your dogs ears and God forbid, to remove any poop cling-ons (people with long-haired dogs will understand)

3. Spray them with Dry Dog Instant Clean – it’s a spray on bath replacement (think dry shampoo) and has ingredients that will help eliminate those bad odors and leave a nice clean smell.

4. Here’s the real secret weapon- put a t-shirt on your dog. This will disguise how manky your dog really looks. All people will notice is their nice clean face and pleasant smell. I know, most of you guys and some girls are thinking that you don’t want to dress your dog for fear of looking like a dork. Well, we’re not suggesting that you dress them in a tutu but a practical and fun t-shirt that is comfortable and funny. We like the ones from RuffRuffandmeow and no, we aren’t getting paid to say that!

Now you know my secrets. So when we see each other walking down the street with clothed dogs, we can just give each other knowing looks and keep right on walking.

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  1. I do the brushing part ( although not often enough).

    I don’t think my girls would last 5 mins in a Tee though. They would be trying to rip it off each other to play with it!!!

  2. Great post. One time, I was walking my aunt’s dog and a person passing by said to the dog: “you should tell your owner to give you a bath.” Boy was I embarrassed. I wish I had seen this post before then.

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