A Boy’s Best Friend

Here at happytails we LOVE Canine Companions for Independence and they are our charity of record. It’s such a beautiful thing to see how dogs and humans working together can accomplish so much.  Every few weeks we are going to post inspirational stories from CCI, and who knows, if you are touched, think about adding CCI to your list of non-profits!

Maurice Harrison, Cory’s father. Ten year-old Cory was injured in an automobile acccident six years ago that rendered him paralyzed from the neck down.

Prior to Melly, Cory’s classmates would frequently focus all of their attention on Cory’s wheelchair and tracheotomy tube. But now, the attention has shifted away from his disability and towards his partenership with Melly.

"Now kids don’t look at the trach tube, but instead notice Cory and Melly as a pair. They wish that they had a dog llike Melly for themselves, " says Maurice.

Cory’s favorite part of having a Skilled Companion ? The kisses, constant love and attention. While Cory has no feeling from the neck down, and generally hates getting his face wet, he makes an exception for Melly. Cory’s dad marvels, "The joy in Cory’s face when Melly lavishes him with kisses is delightful to watch."

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  1. My daughter was multi-handicapped. I miss her dearly. She was amazing with animals. She was planning on getting a guide dog when she turned 18. I have always been amazed at what these service dogs can do. Very touching story. It really hits home with me

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