Doggie Spa Day!

Creating Doggie Nirvana at Home

by Xiomara Iraheta

You’ve rightfully treated yourself to a series of outdoor activities this summer but your four-legged friend has been stuck at home. So why not thank them for their loyalty and unconditional love with a special Doggie Spa Day at home.

To set the mood, start by playing relaxing music of your choice and lighting a couple of candles to introduce your dog to aromatherapy. Make sure the candles are set high or away from a wagging tail.

Using a gentle tone of voice and positive verbal praises will assure your dog that he’s been a good boy and that the bath that’s about to ensue is no ordinary one.

Paying special attention to the bath’s water temperature is key to initiating physical contact with your little buddy, make sure it’s not too cold and not too hot.

Begin by applying a soothing oatmeal shampoo, like Comfy Dog that will help replenish that itchy and dry skin from summer dirt, sand and sun damage.

Surely you want to work your fingers down to the root of the hair but now you’re doing more than simply washing you can motion your hands into a deep-tissue like massage while lathering in the super rich conditioner, Fur Butter .

As soon as your dog is getting ready to pass out from your relaxing massage and he’s all rinsed off you can add a little extra touch of shine to their coat with happytails’ Calming Aromatherapy Spritzer , just spray a bit of the intoxicating lavender aroma and the brush out will prove to be nothing less than pleasurable.

Continue to dry and brush out your little one, taking in the incredible sight and smell of your brand new and fully rejuvenated dog.

And now it’s time for PAWdicures! bowWOW Butter Balm is perfect for those dry, cracked paws, apply some bowWOW and those paw pads will heal and feel conditioned. Rub a little on their nose to keep it moist and delicious. You can get in on the action too, since bowWOW is all natural and human safe it’s great for your dry cuticles, elbows and dry patches.

This unique time and attention you’ve dedicate to your dog may seem like a real TREAT but you can really prove their worth by having an assortment of yummy treats at hand.

Think it may be tough to track down the essentials for this Doggie Spa Day, think again, click here and you and your pup are on the road to creating your own sanctuary.

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