Fun summer activities to do with your dog

dog summer activities

If you have a dog, you’ve seen it. The hopeful wag of the tail, maybe the good dog ‘sit’ pose, and most importantly, the beseeching eyes of the puppy that wants to be taken along on your outing. And, since more and more places are becoming dog friendly; you have lots more opportunities to please your pet and take him or her with you. Not only will you see some immediate gratification from your dog (in terms of licks and excited noises), but you’ll also get some long-term benefits as well. Engaging your dog in more activities can result in:

• Better communication between you and your dog.
• Fewer behavioral issues. (Dogs that are provided stimulation have less opportunity to become bored and act up.)

So, in the interest of benefiting both you and your dog, we’ve come up with a list of things you can do with your dog this summer that both of you will enjoy.

Fun Summer Activities

Take Your Dog to the Beach – Check your local by-laws of course to make sure that it’s allowed, but if it is, prepare to have some fun. You can play in the sand (you building sandcastles; your dog knocking them down), go for a swim in the water, (and if you’re worried about your dog panicking, you can always put him or her in a lifejacket), or play a game of Frisbee with your dog. Although the beach can be a messy place, don’t let the thought of the dirt or the effect of the salt water on your dog’s skin be a deterrent. A quick bath or a spray of Dry Dog Instant Clean will take away all reminders of your day at the beach.

Dive For Ice Cubes – Sort of like diving for apples for humans, take a bowl and fill it with water and place some ice cubes in it. Watch your dog try and get the cubes, and enjoy the hilarity that ensues. (This is also a great way to keep your dog hydrated during the hot summer months.)

Go to Dog Camp – There are lots of places to go to that can act as sort of a vacation for both your and your dog. Dog camps are springing up across the country and are viable options for people wishing to get away from it all, and bring their pet along. Your dog will enjoy activities like learning how to dance or can even participate in some agility or obedience training.

Eat Out! – Lots of places will now let you bring your dog onto their patios while you eat your dinner. (Be sure to call first). You can enjoy a nice relaxing meal or drink in the company of your pooch and out of the house. What could be better?

This summer there’s no reason to leave man’s best friend at home when you go out. Get creative and think of how to include your pet in fun summer activities so you can both enjoy your vacation.

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