Generate Excitement Through the In-Store Experience

I know that most of you reading this own or work at a pet boutique or other pet related facility.

At happytails we are believers in experiential marketing– that is creating memorable experiences for your customers while they shop in your store.

This email came across and I thought you might find it interesting

The In-Store Marketing Institute’s I-Seminar Series Presents:

Generate Excitement Through the In-Store Experience

Connecting with shoppers in-store is the ultimate goal of shopper marketing efforts, whether you’re a manufacturer or retailer. Now, more than ever, getting noticed by shoppers requires focus on the elements and executions that carry the most weight with shoppers. In this I-Seminar, you’ll:

§ Find out if today’s shoppers are getting excited by what they see in-store.

§ See what is connecting shoppers and getting them engaged and excited in-store and which retailers are generating in-store excitement.

§ Hear first hand what 1,200 shoppers have to say about these and other topics in the 1st and 2nd quarter 2008 issue findings of Shopper Waypoints , a new strategic insights service from The Capré Group.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!


August 21, 2008


1 – 2pm CST



Enroll today!


Patrick Fitzmaurice, Principal, The Capre Group

Patrick Fitzmaurice

The Capré Group

Enroll today!

2008 I-Seminar Series Sponsored By:

United Displaycraft

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1 Comment

  1. I found out that taking photos of pets is a great way to get more customers and bring the ones you give a photo to back sooner. Over Christmas 2008 I made up a photo area in the front of my store so that everyone could see it even if they are just walking by. I ended up taking over 100 differant pet family photos, most gave tips of $ 5.00 to 50.00 on top of my regular Christmas tip/gift, and some had me make them Christmas cards that I charge $0.75 per card with envelope. Now those same customers are having me take photos for Valetines Day, Easter, and Fourth of July along with making photo cards.
    For the photos I got a 10 pixal camera and a instant 4X6 photo developer for less than $ 400.00 believe me it has paid for itself in new customers. Just remember when you give the owners the photo put a return address sticker with your name address and phone number on the back so when they show it to their friends all your information is right there. For photo tips, have fun with the pet, don’t try to pose it just let it get use to the surroundings and the lights, put your camera on play or museum mode so the photo will be bright enoungh without the flash to make the eyes not so nice. Just for your info I used to only work Tues through Friday but with all the new customers I now only have Sundays off and on those day and some of my nights I am taking photos, developing/inhancing photos or making novalties like cards, shirts, posters, mugs, etc… For the first time in the 13 years I have been in business my Janurary was better than my December and November put together and the only thing I did was take a few photos.


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