Your Anti-Itch Arsenal- How to Relieve Doggie Itch

Spring and summer are often the most uncomfortable times in the year for a dog. Uncontrollable scratching leads to hot spots, skin abrasions and even hair loss. Your customers will be rushing into your store looking for solutions… do you have them? If not, there’s still time!

Controlling the scratching requires a holistic and integrated approach and this is a perfect time to stock your store with merchandise that helps to alleviate allergies and itchy skin.

It’s also a perfect time to work on your displays. By the time customers walk into your store, they are probably desperate to help their dog. You can make their lives easier by:

· having all of your anti-itch and hypoallergenic foods displayed together

· educating yourself and your staff on each of the products you’re recommending

· creating an anti-itch prepack that bundles key items together at a discount.

Remember, predisposition to skin allergies is inherited, and many breeds, such as terriers, Dalmatians, golden retrievers, schnauzers, and poodles, are more prone to allergies. A key point to remember is this: There is not a cure for allergies just ways to manage the allergy.

Here are the Categories of products that should be part of your anti-itch arsenal.

Food like that from the Honest Kitchen that offers a no-grain diet.

Treats that are wheat, corn & soy free—like those from Dogswell.

Dog Grooming Supplies- dogs should be regularly brushed especially during the spring and summer. Since most seasonal (environmental) allergies are due to contact with the skin, daily brushing helps to remove pollens grasses and other allergens. It will also improve circulation to the affected area to which will speed up healing.

Supplements that include fatty acids (like omegas) and herbal products that help to eliminate toxins. Dogs and human eliminate toxins differently. We sweat them out and since dogs don’t sweat the toxins need to be eliminated through the kidneys and bowels.

Topical Products. Happytails offers a full range of topical products to help during allergy season. Here’s a run down:

Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo for Dry & Itchy Skin- helps relieve minor skin irritations caused by insect bites, poisonous plants and allergies. And contrary to popular belief, washing your dog MORE often may actually be helpful in relieving itchy skin. Since environmental allergens are usually absorbed through the skin, weekly bathing can prevent itchiness, washing allergens away before they get a chance to penetrate the skin.

TIP- don’t blow dry your itchy dog as it may exacerbate the problem.

Fur Butter – an ultra rich deep conditioner with lots of oatmeal- use this one after Comfy Dog. Has oatmeal, aloe, burdock and other herbs to help with itchy skin, relieve inflammation and it leaves the coat super soft & silky!

Itchin’ For Relief – this is an anytime spray on anti-itch spray. Even though you feed your dog correctly, brush their hair often and do everything you’re supposed to, your dog is still going to scratch. Spritz on some of this all natural spray, perfect for flare ups and generally itchy skin. Helps with inflammation and with putting moisture back in the skin with ingredients like neem, oatmeal, litchi, aloe and more.

Flea the Scene is a skin soothing insect spray with sunscreen. This all natural spray helps to keep fleas, tick and mosquitoes away for up to four hours and it also has a sunscreen. Did you know that dog’s can get sunburned too? Flea the Scene is also great to use on horses and even on yourself!

bowWOW Butter Balm is a quick relief spot treatment- this blissful balm is shea butter based and very moisturizing. You can apply it on areas where the hair has fallen out from too much scratching, directly on to flea bites or any other area of discomfort. It contains aloe, boswellia serrata which helps with inflammation, just a touch of tea tree oil, and more. (Great for your own dry cuticles, elbows and even makes a great lip balm!)

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  1. I tried Comfy Dog shampoo- I tried Infuzion shampoo-I tried Malasab shampoo-I tried Oatmeal/aloe vera shampoo-I tried Halo shampoo-I tried Pro-Pet with oatmeal-I tried Pet MEds colloidal shampoo-I tried sulfoden Medicated shampoo-
    He is still ITCHING! Getting Benadryl into his mouth is a challange for 1 pair of hands-Now I will try to get Hydrozidine (or something like that-tomorrow. Now we are both itching!!!!!!
    Any ideas? Vet says it is allergies. The shots are expensive and takes 2 days to kick in.

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