1. Wow, I didn’t know this. I’ve used normal shampoo on my dog once, indeed when I ran out of dog shampoo, but from now on I’ll always keep a spare flask. Thanks!


  2. francine

    OMG. That is soooooooooo silly. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY TEST HUMAN PRODUCTS ON ???????

    Let me give you the right information….and not some pet product salesman. You can and should wash you dog with human shampoo and avoid the not regulated ‘scam’ pet shampoo. You might as well be washing your dog with dishwashing liquid. Vets prescribe human shampoo like ‘selsun blue’ and others as medicated shampoos for pets alllllll the time.

    OMG. I can’t believe this really bad information. Excuse meeeeee. You can wash a baby with baby shampoo but not a dog ? OMG. Have you seen what dogs roll in ???

    I can’t go on….I am to discusted by this article. Do you know that all pet food can be consumed by humans ?
    And noooooooooo milk does not give worms.
    Know what I mean

    1. Nathan

      Can I use dog shampoo? Or would I be better off using laundry detergent?


  3. I think it’s fair to say that clearly Francine off her rocker.

    You are absolutely 100% correct and Francine obviously has no idea what she’s talking about. “OMG! Nooooooooooo.”

    I’m amazed at all the false misinformation I’m finding on the web which says that dish detergent is fine for dogs. If people were as sue happy over dogs as they were over humans, you would soon see all of that disappear.

    I do have one question for you though that I can’t quite figure out. What about making your own shampoo? We live in a world where people are trying to call themselves holistic naturalists. These are the same people who regularly have exterminators come to their house with pesticides. In any case, what is your opinion on the use of oils and vinegars in place of shampoo?

    I never did very well in chemistry, but vinegar is very acidic if I remember properly, but it has such wonderful properties and does make the coat silky… at least after one use. What would be a good companion so it could best be used, if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. John

      Do you know how bad a dog will smell with his natural oils mixing with vinegar? That’s not only gross but messed up


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