Tear Stains are a tough problem to solve, is Eyemunity the answer?

eyemunity2.jpg One of the toughest problems to solve are tear stains. You know, those brownish/red streaks down a dog’s face. It’s normal that a dog’s eyes produce tears– clear ones. But some breeds are susceptible to the brown tearstains which are not only unsightly, but sometimes smelly!

The problem is only made worse when all of that moisture around the eyes becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and red yeast develops. The problem is three fold. One is physiology. Some dogs have tear ducts that are too short and there’s not much we can do about that, short of surgery.

The other parts of the problem are environmental and systemic. And we do have control over these. Many times tear stains are brought on by environmental toxins and pollutants. That’s why if you want to get rid of tear stains wiping the eyes is just the first step. You have to boost the dog’s immune system or the bacteria will persist and so will the stains.

Some dog owners use bleach, hydrogen peroxide or even pharmaceutical grade antibiotics everyday to cure the problem, but I certainly don’t recommend these options!

I give my dog’s Eyemunity everyday. It’s s an all natural powder that you sprinkle into your dog’s food 1-2 times per day. It helps to boost the dog’s immune system to fight the bacteria that cause the tearstains. It is all natural so it will take a little longer than other “quick fix” solutions but give it about 3 weeks to kick in. The best thing is there are no side-effects except for a healthier dog! That being said these tear stains are persistant!

RiQui with tear stains I’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks and left the duty of feeding the dogs to my husband who forgot to give them the Eyemunity … so now my maltese, RiQui, has some minor tear stains. She’s been on the Eyemunity a couple of days and it might take a couple of weeks to kick in. But when it does, as long as I keep giving it to her, the tear stains do not persist. And I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but she’s much healthier and happier than she used to be.

The main ingredient is called Epicor , which is a high metabolite immunogen. If you don’t know what that means, watch this video . But in nut shell Epicor is helping the body to fight against bacteria and is quite remarkable.

I have been taking Epicor (I skipped the Eyemunity as I don’t really like the taste of desiccated liver) and have not been sick once in months!

Eyemunity also includes an enzyme blend that helps with swelling and inflammation. Many times when the dog produces tears it causes a bit of inflammation in the eyes which only makes the problem worse. For a list of complete ingredients click here .

If your dog has tear stains there is hope and you don’t have to compromise your dog’s health with harmful drugs or chemicals.

Here’s another amazing video about Epicor, the main ingredient in Eyemunity. It’s a news segment that gives the history of how the product is made, research, benefits and more.

For more information on Eyemunity click here.

And if you’d like to find out if your dog is happy and healthy or plagued by fleas take this short questionnaire .

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  1. This looks very cool. I have a website that lists all the potential cures for Maltese eye stain. I will have to add this product to it!


    1. Where do I order this eyemunity product? I only see eye pads on happy tails spa website.


      1. Hi there,
        Unfortunately it was discontinued a couple of years ago, You might try searching on the internet for it, some retailers still might have it. It was a very good product.


  2. Hi
    Is this a powder? that you put in their food? My six and a half month Pomapoo has tear stains. On my prior white poodle I used to give him Angel’s Glow but they don’t sell it anymore. I’ am waiting on another brand called Angel Eyes, do you know if is safe and a good one? Or is this one Eyemunity a better one to use? Where do I buy yours? and how much is it?
    Thank you


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