Is it Okay to Date your Dog on Valentine’s Day?

Kevin & Cosmo

by Lorna Paxton

With almost 3 million Americans buying Valentine’s gifts for their dogs and 30 million sharing their beds with them, clearly the differences between humans and canines are disappearing. In the past, spending Valentine’s Day with your canine companion could be the choice of last resort but now for many dog owners it’s preferable.

You find yourself alone, again, on Valentine’s Day. So you turn to Plan B, your faithful, furry canine companion. If this story sounds familiar you’re not alone. Over 15 million* single people own dogs in this country and it’s a good bet that most of them have curled up with their dog on at least one Valentine’s day.

Today, human and hound can share everything from a Valentine’s Day meal for two, to spa and pampering products and even matching clothes.

Just look at which is basically the Facebook for dogs. Dogs can send messages to other dogs, invite them to be pup pals and send virtual gifts!

“People view their dogs as extensions of their personalities,” says Kevin Fisher, co-owner of happytails Canine Spa Line . “If the owner is into sports, they’ll have a sporty dog. If the owner is into fashion, the dog will have a wardrobe. With someone around who likes all the same things as you do, why look any further? You’ve found you perfect Valentine.”

Some dog owners are taking the trend even further as the differences between humans and canines disappear. “People are looking for ways not only to bond with their dog, but to humanize them,” Fisher said. “Just look at which is basically the Facebook for dogs. Dogs can send messages to other dogs, invite them to be pup pals and send virtual gifts!”

So according to almost 3 million* Americans who actually buy Valentine’s gifts for their dogs apparently it is perfectly acceptable to date your dog this Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few things that you can share with your special furball this Valentine’s Day:

  • If a movie on the couch is your plan for Valentine’s Day forget the popcorn! Sammy Snacks Treats are created especially for owners to enjoy with their dog.

  • Feeling a little dry? Paw Rub is an indulgent shea butter treatment for relieving dry cracked noses and paws. This blissful balm will also moisturize your dry lips, elbows, cuticles and heels (and it makes a great massage cream should you be in the mood)

RuffRuff& Meow

  • Maybe you can’t share clothes with your dog, but you can match. Check out the hip fashions from Ruff Ruff & Meow .
  • If you want to take a hike on Valentine’s day, now you and Fido can sip from the same Water Bottle . One bottle, two separate water supplies! Keeps you and your pet properly hydrated on those long hikes!

Dog Smog Remedy

  • Is your dog’s bad breath and gas becoming a little overwhelming? Dog Smog Remedy to the rescue. This all natural breath freshener and digestive solution gets rid of bad breath and gas so the the two of you can get close again!

  • If you’re really feeling frisky, why not share your bed with Fido this Valentine’s Day? According to Sealy, the mattress company, 67% of US pet owners regularly sleep with their dog or cat.

The Honest Kitchen

  • What about sharing a meal together? The healthy food from the Honest Kitchen is people food, but for pets! It smells so good I am tempted to eat it everytime I feed my dogs!
  • Okay, maybe this isn’t YOUR first choice in movies, but in every successful relationship there is compromise. On movie night why not also pop in the Movie for Dogs . Your dog will love it.

Shimmering Mist

  • So a night out on the town is in store for you this Valentine’s Day? Put on your hills, your little black dress and sprtiz on your dog’s Shimmering Mist . It can be sprayed onto your hair, décolletage or any other body part. This subtle glitter spray contains natural silk proteins that moisturize and restructure the coat (or hair), leaving it silky, smooth and glittery.

*According to the 2007/08 APPMA National Pet Owners Survey

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Dog is a Better Companion than your Partner

1. You were sober when you picked out your dog (no beer goggles)

2. Your dog doesn’t argue about what movie to see

3. Your dog isn’t looking at other humans wishing she was theirs

4. Your dog likes all the food you cook and always comes back for seconds

5. Your dog is always happy to see you, even if you look like crap

6. If you dog could speak he would say “of course I love to cuddle”

7. When you ask your dog “Do these pants make my butt look big?” he’s smart enough not to tell you the truth

8. Your dog doesn’t hold grudges

9. Your dog will listen to you for hours without interrupting

10. No matter what, your dog is always up for a little heavy petting

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  1. Very cute, and full of ideas. I think people are a bit over the top with pet spas, and all the weirdo things that fanatics do for animals. Many of them treat animals better than people, but perhaps they should for people can really suck sometimes. Veronica

  2. Nice post. I really liked the 10 reasons. Great work.

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