And the winners are…

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries… we had a lot of fun reading them! 

 The original idea was to have just one winner but it was a tough call so we will have a first and second place winner (although all of you are winners to us !!!! )

Second place goes to Mugu’s Pet Boutique in Georgia. We chose this entry because it was not only extravagent in concept but also humorous.  We also liked the fact that she included the budget for our review! Mugu’s will receive $75 in happytails products.

First Place goes to Crystal of Bark Bark Bakery in Front Royal, VA.  This entry won because we loved the concept of an adventure dog park with “stations” (see below). We also loved that money would be going to animal rescue groups and that some of the money was earmarked for savings! Bark Bark Bakery will receive $150 in happytails products!


If a customer inquired about what would be the best way to spend $12 million dollars for the dog, here is what I would suggest:

1. Spend a large chunk (maybe half!) of the money and create a dog park – but it’s more of an adventure park! Named after the dog and in honor of the owner that passed away. Lavish the dog park with: Spa Station (stocked complete with Happy Tails products), Dressing Parlour (full of the best doggie clothing and accessories, Gourmet Treat Store (stocked full of Bark Bark Bakery gourmet dog treats), Fetch Row (a long, grassy runway for dogs to run and fetch the finest, toughest frisbees and balls), Water Park (fun mini pools, fountains and tunnels to play in) and of course, The Toy Store (stocked with the finest, hippest dog toys).

2. Donate to animal organizations – this is important! Dogs lose their lives everyday, and helping to fund organizations that keep them alive is key to helping dogs all over!

3. Take the dog on a shopping spree – afterall, with 12 million they should have a little fun! Hire the dog it’s own personal limo driver. Stock the limo with Bark Bark Bakery treats, and the finest sparkling water. Stop at all the best dog boutiques and spend, spend, spend! After a long day, end with a doggie ice cream, followed by a doggie bubble bath using HappyTails products!

4. Use the remaining money and save – yes, boring right? But the money will be there to spoil the dog whenever necessary AND to cover medical costs incase of some misfortune.

That is how I’d spend the money for the customer; sharing, having fun, and thinking ahead for the future!

2nd Place Winner

Hi Gem here Ceo of Mugu’s Pet Boutique. I must say being choosen to be Troubles personnal shopper will be a dream come true for our team and we will do our best to provide you with the most personable experience you have ever encountered.
Our first stop will be with Satine our Fashion advisor to choose the finest designer apparel taylored to hug that Maltese figure. We have gathered all the best in one place to do this, Vera Wang, Armani, Donna Karan,just to name a few.
Then off To Tiffany’s were they have designed a one of kind collar and leash . The collar is a 2 row jewel collar with Diamonds and Rubies set in a gold mesh , the matching leash is 4 foot long with matching details.
Then it is a stop at the Ivy in Hollywood a catered Lunch with all your closest friends ,the Chief will cook up only the finest cusine fit for a Queen.
Now its off to the spa for a hair cut and paw-a-cure, ear cleaning, body rub etc. Barbara Striedand will seranade you with beautiful love songs as you enjoy your treatments.
Now as you are getting your Spa treatments our team will be redecorating your humble abode, We have ordered a Chippendale inspired bed handmade for you. And of course only the most elaborate covers will do we have pure silk with gold sticthing coverings, just shipped in from Thailand.
Outside our Landscape team has been transforming your yard ,we have designed a state of the art Dog Park so all your friends can come and play any time they wish, with a fountain in the middle and just as you wished a statue of your beloved owner. Plush green grass and beautiful daisys throughout the dog park, the oak trees line the park for your privacy and security.

For the Evening agenda a gourmet meal will be served in your newly decorated dining room where you will have your servants at your beacon call. your food will be served in crystal bowls from England, compliments of the Queen.

Thank you Trouble for a wonderful experience and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I have inclosed an invoice inwhich you can contact for payment.

Personal Shopper-$1.0 million per day @ 3 days $3mil
Designers fees $250,000 per hour @ 460,000
8 Designs @ $50,000 each total 400,000
Jewlery Designs from Tiffany’s 5.6 mil for collar and leash set
Landscaper – $600,000
Statue for dog park- $1.2mil
Crystal dinning ware complaments of the Queen of England
shipping costs of the crystal dinner ware $500.000
Chouffer $ 25.000 per month
Furniture and bed coverings $485,000
Personal Chef – $ 40.00
Being able to poop on your $600,00 plush green lawn without someone yelling at you, NOT THERE!!
We do accept all major credit cards but cash is always welcome
thank You again for your business Mugu’s Pet Boutique

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