We admit it, we’re guilty of neglecting animals!

The happytails Christmas Cathappytails Santa Claws CollectionFor the past three years we’ve produced spa products for the dog about town while completely neglecting our friends of the feline persuasion.

After numerous requests we finally have something that you can offer to your kitty clients!  The Santa Claws Collection contains four specially packaged products for cats.

The most frequently asked question that we received was “Can your products be used on cats?”  And the answer is yes but we realize that many cat owners don’t want to buy something that says “DOG” on it.

 The product lineup includes:

  1. Pretty Kitty Instant Clean- (Dry Dog Instant Clean)
  2. Comfy Cat (Comfy Dog)
  3. Expel that Cat Smell (Dog Smog Remedy)
  4. Fur Breeze Citrus Vanilla

And of course everyone wants to know if these products will be available in full size.  We hope so!  This is a test for us.  If the response is good, then we will come out with an entire range for cats, taking into account cats’ special needs.

We’re taking preorders for the Santa Claws Collection now. We should be shipping them out mid to late September. 

Hopefully your customers will be pleased that they can now pamper thier cats!

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