My dog’s have itchy skin- oh no!

My dog’s have itchy skin- oh no!

As the owner of a Canine Spa Line with many a product to help relieve a dog’s itchy skin I am surprised when I see my two dogs (Maltese’s) scratching away.  I immediately check their skin in hopes of finding a guilty flea. But only occasionally is a flea the culprit.  Both dogs eat a very healthy diet from ,  and of course the products they use from Happytails all have natural ingredients which are chosen specifically for skin soothing.

Granted, it’s summer, I take my dog’s hiking in the mountains every week, to the beach to play in the sand and sea water, to the dog park among other areas where environmental pollens can have their way with my four legged friends. Well, no wonder they are itching! Just like people, dogs can suffer seasonal skin allergies to environmental allergens such as pollen, dust mites, and insect bites, according to Dr. Karen Campbell, chief of specialty medicine at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana.

Allergic reactions occur when the immune system overreacts or responds inappropriately to an otherwise innocuous substance. Often there is no sign of allergy the first time an animal is exposed, but after that first exposure, the immune system builds up a reserve of antibodies to react to that particular allergen. The next time the animal encounters the same allergen, the immune system reacts strongly. Predisposition to skin allergies is inherited, and many breeds, such as terriers (which Maltese’s are), Dalmatians, golden retrievers, schnauzers, and poodles, are more prone to allergies.  A key point to remember is this:  There is no cure for allergies (I should know, I’ve been allergic to peanuts my whole life!)  All we can do is:

1. avoid the food, material (like down pillows) or parasite that is triggering the immune response

2. feed our dogs a high quality diet

3. Bathe our dogs every week or as often as is necessary. Since environmental allergens are usually absorbed through the skin, weekly bathing can prevent itchiness , washing allergens away before they get a chance to penetrate the skin.

4. If an allergen cannot be washed away or avoided, fatty acid supplements in the diet can help reduce skin problems.

5. Or, just wait until summer is over and relief is in sight!

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  1. Who’s a clever litle doggy then??!!

  2. My Maltese Emma just developed allergies (or yeast infection?) just recently when she hit “puberty” and it’s middle of the winter! There is nothing outside that could cause allergies (unless she can be allergic to snow!). I went to 2 vets, however, one recommended an anti flea collar and another put her on antibiotics and suggested feeding her special food for small breeds with allergy problems. Great. Tried that for 3 weeks now. The open sores seemed to be on their way to healing but as soon as the antiobiotic ran out, the itchy skin came back and now she scratches herself opening the wounds and oozing blood. Any recommendations how I can help her? She can’t be taking antibiotics ALL the time. I stopped bathing her thinking that maybe too frequent bathing was the problem…

  3. Hi Magda,
    what food are you feeding her? You might try

    Also, have you tried an oatmeal shampoo like Comfy Dog- an oatmeal shampoo for dry and itchy skin.

    You can also try an herbal tonic to help rid the body of toxins. It’s called Healthy Skin Shiny Coat

    Here are a couple of articles you should read:

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